Green Calcite

Metaphysical Properties of Green calcite

Green Calcite is the stone of plenty: encouraging success, happiness, prosperity, wealth, and good luck. This stone can manifest change within your life and can create opportunities where they did not exist before. It brings beneficial grounding energy to your life, often stabilizing turbulent or negative situations. Green Calcite will ground you to the core energies of the Earth and help you to manifest positive change within your life. The stone generates fun-loving energy that brings out the best in your life and promotes emotional growth.
Green Calcite is a light or pale green that is semi-transparent. Some specimens look similar to green fluorite. Green Calcite has a slippery and glossy surface that is highly reflective. When Green calcite takes on a yellowish or brownish tinge, it is often called Olive Green Calcite. These specimens are thought to have a more active energy, motivating and energizing us to seek better situations because we are more aware of our worth and talents.

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