Strawberry Obsidian

Metaphysical Properties of Strawberry obsidian

Strawberry Obsidian secret desires and delights hidden in our hearts. Strawberry Obsidian works with our youthful energies to help give us the motivation for pursuing the things which make us happy, and allows us to take renewed joy in the world around us. This is a great stone for raising your positive power and opening your heart & mind to new experiences. Strawberry Obsidian is a stone of joy, love, and wanting the best for ourselves.
Strawberry Obsidian is a semi-transparent, pink-to-reddish man-made stone. It often features streaks of coloration within the clear stone. Color Obsidians are man-made stones, but widely accepted in the gemstone community. They are gorgeous examples of the ingenuity of humankind, and an excellent addition to any collection!

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