Large Amber Natural Gemstone Fossil Nugget - Choose Your Specimen!

You will receive the specimen whose number you have chosen, as pictured in our photos. Please refer to drop-down menu for sizing and weight of exact specimen.

These are high quality, natural fossilized Amber specimens.

Metaphysical Properties of Amber

Energy of Life

Amber is a gemstone that is truly alive with energy. It is a direct channel to Chi and resonates with the energy of the life force found within its resin grasp. Amber is the perfect gemstone to work with when you feel like you need a new lease on life. It is a gemstone of reinvention and repurpose. It has long been hailed, since back in the Stone Age, for its healing and magical abilities. It has been mounted into armor, amulets, jewelry, bed posts, garments and stone altars for its mystical properties. Ancient people proclaimed amber to be solidified droplets of Sunlight, petrified honey, the tears of gods, and liquefied gold. Because amber is actually organic material it is not technically a gemstone but its solidified and somewhat malleable form has brought it an unshakable place in the realm of gemstones. Amber is a natural filter and acts as a prism for the body. It cycles Chi (Life Force) energy around you allowing you to benefit from its primal and prehistoric power. It can bring intrinsic knowledge, ancient memories & visions and promote prophetic dreams of the future. Amber, like quartz, can retain information and therefore when handling a piece of amber you may be connected to ancient memories and thoughts as captured during its original state. It is an incredible substance that will add a new level of mystical merriment to your life.

Amber is a yellow to orange "stone" that is fossilized tree resin. Real amber, when pierced with a hot needle, has a pine/earthy scent. It can feature bubbles of trapped oxygen and even insects, foliage and other material that was in the way of resin when it hardened.

These specimens were mined from Mexico.


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Customer Reviews

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Derrick McDaniel

I never got them I think they got shipped back kr something

I checked your order and your package shows it was delivered to your address :) Please contact us if you need further assistance as we can request a GPS trace from the USPS if you haven't already located your package.

Rocio Hanly

Thank you very much

Andrew Eady
Gorgeous selection of crystals

My hubby recently purchased a huge lot of crystals along with a monthly subscription for our 12 year anniversary. I am beyond pleased with everything I received, from the quality of the products, down to the packaging, everything was simply beautiful. I would recommend any gemstone/crystal enthusiast to take a look at this company, you will not be disappointed.
I need a bigger shelf for all my spectacular pieces !
Thank you so much, I can’t wait for my July box !

Vinnie Indigo
Amber Fossil

My sample was nice.It has a little more black than I expected. I held it up to a lamp, and then I could see about half of the stone.

Little Amber

I purchased the small amber and it is so cute! This is my first Amber and I will definitely buy a larger one from this store!
Thanks a lot!