Blue Aventurine Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Stone for Elemental Power

Could your life use a little more calm and confidence? Blue aventurine may be just what you need! A member of the quartz family, this stone is said to resonate with the heart and mind, working steadily, rationally, and calmly to help you find inner power. It is also known to boost inner strength, self-discipline, and clarity, and provide the confidence to make much-needed changes in your life. Its gorgeous blue hue also makes it irresistible to any gemstone lover!

When you purchase this stone, you will get one gemstone that is between 0.9” and 1.15” in size.

Bring On the Positive Energy

The profound meaning behind the blue aventurine stone is one of the key driving forces behind its popularity. The stone reportedly creates a love-, hope-, belief-, and faith-filled center within you by carrying positive energy. When you lay your hands on this translucent stone, you may also find yourself feeling more motivated and focused.

This blue stone is also said to help the user enter new levels of meditation as they channel energy through their Third Eye. From this, you’ll experience enlightenment and the expansion of the user’s consciousness.

Why Choose Crystal Gemstone Shop?

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Customer Reviews

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Andrea Moon
Blue avuretine

I'm very lucky to find my collection I looked for Yahoo

anne glass

Love this stone.

Blue Aventurine polished

Nice pair of Blue Aventurine. Nice printout description of metaphysical properties provided. Packaged well, fast delivery.

Ricquel Harper
I always love the purchases I receive from this store.

I always love the purchases I receive from this store.

Great shop. Nice packaging and fast shipping.

Great shop. Nice packaging and fast shipping.