Reiki Meditation Worry Palm Stone Gemstone

Stone for Reflection & Peace

Meditation Stones, or palm stones, are a wonderful part of your quiet time. The stones are flat which makes them comfortable to hold between the hands or in the palm of your hand. The energy of the stone flows through you as you meditate or spend time in peace.

Worry Stones help you find focus during your meditation exercises and can help you channel your energy towards the thoughts, experiences, and emotions you wish to feel. Place your thumb in the imprint of your stone and try to control your breathing so you are taking in deep, cleansing breaths through the nose and exhaling through your mouth. Clear your mind and let the meditation stone help you find your focus. 

Choose the type of gemstone you wish to work with for your meditation and quiet time; each stone has its own benefit.

You will receive one stone approximately 1" -1.5" on the longest side.  Each stone is unique, and some may have a thumbprint indentation. 

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome palm stones!!!

I purchased approximately 8 of these palm stones. Most were for gifts but they were so beautiful I kept some. ☺️

All were very beautiful & had great energy! All were packed with TLC & shipped quickly. Thank you for such a wonderful product!


These are so beautiful! Great quality! Shipped quickly & packed with TLC. Thank you for suchh a great product!

Pamela Gibson
Love my Worry Stone!

Love it! Nice size, couldn’t be happier!

Beautiful quartz palmstone

I love the shape and feel of this palmstone! I love the beautiful striations! I would like it to be a little bigger! Great purchase!

Awesome Product

I bought 6 various palm stones (4 were for gifts). They all are so beautiful & are of excellent quality. My daughter introduced me to this shop & I am so glad she did! Everything I buy is excellent & this became my “go to” shop for crystals!