Rainbow Seven Chakra Stone Layered Gemstone Polished Pendulum


Tool of Divination, Magic, and Spirit World Communication

Pendulums are an ancient tool of divination which has been used for centuries and has been fashioned from gemstone, metal, stone, wood, and even clay. The pendulum is suspended from a chain, which is pinched between your thumb & index finger or thumb & middle finger. No pressure should be applied to the movement of the pendulum; it should be allowed to move freely on its own. There are many ways to use pendulums for communication and pendulums can be conduits for messages from spirits & ancestors, from spirits guides, and direct you towards signs. Pendulums can be used with communication mats, spirit boards, or with simple "Yes" or "No" written on paper. Practicing pendulum communication will increase your accuracy. 

You will receive one Pendulum with layered Chakra stones. Stone layers may include: Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Gold Quartz, Yellow Aventurine, Yellow Jasper, Green Aventurine, Green Jasper, Bloodstone, Moss Agate, Sodalite, Blue Aventurine, Iolite, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, or Amethyst.

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy Due
Perfect gift

Gave as a gift and our daughter loved them. Thank you.

Stephanie King

The colors and different stones together look amazing!

Jenifer Ortuno
my husband loved it