Desert jasper grounds you to the powers of the Earth.  There is tremendous organic energy that resonates within this gemstone and provides a great foundation for realizing your true purpose.  If you work with Reiki using desert jasper as part of your activities can increase the potency and effectiveness of your work.  You should keep desert jasper near you when you need to relax and have your mind put to ease.  Desert jasper is a great cleanser and can draw away plaguing and nagging thoughts that are negative or not productive.  The stone is nurturing and will encourage positive energy in your life.  If you find yourself in an unstable situation in your life desert jasper can promote enlightenment, decisive energy, and thoughtful concentration.


Other information

Jasper is a form of chalcedony, it comes in many different colors and sizes. Its chemical composition is that of silicon and oxygen, chalcedony is common and found all around the world.




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