Explore our collection of chakra jewelry and channel unique healing energy from Earth’s most powerful natural crystals. We offer a variety of everyday necklaces, bracelets, and more so you can bring your crystals with you wherever you go. Shop natural gemstone jewelry and receive a free gemstone with every purchase.

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Natural Gemstones for Any Occasion

Feel the power of these natural healers with our beautiful selection of chakra jewelry. We offer a variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more in several styles made from your favorite gemstones so you can channel their unique healing power wherever you go. 

Our selection of natural gemstones makes a great gift for you or a loved one, too!

Balance Your Chakras 

Ground your energies and release blockages from your chakras with our selection of beautiful, hand-crafted crystal jewelry. Discover jewelry meant to focus energy on your root chakra, heart chakra, and more today and remove negative energy from your everyday life.

We also offer a monthly subscription box so you can receive new natural gemstone jewelry pieces every month, straight to your doorstep

Crystal Bracelets

Explore dozens of beautiful styles with our unique selection of chakra bracelets. Choose from high-quality polished options or explore natural 8mm beaded pieces in a variety of your favorite stones and wear your favorite crystal healers today.

Explore our selection and find your favorite stone for a unique piece of gemstone jewelry.

Crystal Necklaces

Wear your favorite gem friends with our sterling silver set chakra jewelry and necklaces. Choose from hand-crafted pendulums, stunning-shaped pendants, or quality cluster charms designed to pair with your favorite chains.

Our selection of everyday gemstone jewelry is meant to be a casual addition to your crystal collection. Bring a bit of healing power to the everyday with our beautifully designed gemstone jewelry.