Carved Gemstone Animal Fetish Bead - Mini- Totem Animal Spirit Guide Carving

Gemstone Totem Animal Spirit Guide Carving

 Totem animals and spirit guides represent a path to our own spiritual realm. They assist us in finding and dealing with difficulties by showing us another way. Every animal guide leads us to viewing the world through their perspective.

You will receive one gemstone Totem Animal Guide of your choice. These come in a variety of Aventurine, Goldstone, Sodalite, Tiger Eye, Opalite, Rose Quartz, Hematite, Quartz, Jasper, etc. These are mini carvings approximately 3/4". 


BAT - immortal energy, mystery, rejuvenation
BEAR - cumbersome, wall of strength, guardian, aggressive, inner-strength
DOVE - spiritual energy, healer, kind, immortal communication
BUFFALO - prosperity, sacred-life, admiration
BUTTERFLY - submission, transformation, rebirth, equal
CAT - magic energy, mystic energy, agile, quick, guardian
DOG - allegiance, wise, guardian, loyal
DOLPHIN - compassion, oceanic energy, joyful
EAGLE - immortal energy, communication with immortals, wisdom, liberty
ELEPHANT - recall memories, powerful, steadfast, loyal
FISH - adaptable, quick, sly, clever, focused
FROG - magic energy, power, patient, spellwork
GIRAFFE - community-minded, gentle, determined, guide 
HIPPOPOTAMUS - mystic energy, aggressive, sees future, sees past lives
LION - ferocious, courageous, bravery, leadership
LIZARD - wild energy, uncontainable, justice
MONKEY - wisdom, loyalty, seeker of knowledge, quick-minded
MOUSE - problem-solver, organized, fast-pace
OWL - wisdom, seeing future, protector, stealth
Panther - spiritual energy, psychic energy, mystic energy, prosperity, good luck
PENGUIN - spiritual energy, community-minded, family-minded, focused
RABBIT - fast-paced, rash judgment, constant motion, change 
RHINOCEROS - steadfast, independent, sharing
ROOSTER - enjoys finer things in life, can be lazy, leader, flashy
SEAHORSE - watchful, thinker, cautious
SNAKE - deceptive, clever, change
SQUIRREL - hyper energy, collector, community-minded 
TIGER - courageous, brave, powerful, swift, family-minded
TURTLE - good luck, stamina, courage, finish task at hand
WHALE - strength, power, gentile, kindness
Panther - spiritual energy, psychic energy, mystic energy, prosperity, good luck


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