Black Onyx Raven Carved Statue - Mini, Small, Medium

These black onyx ravens are absolutely adorable! Just perfect for your altar space or in your home garden. The raven is a powerful totem animal and spirit guide, they denote magic energy, mystic energy, overcoming deceivers, and creating an air of mystery around you. They are known for their ability to traverse the Spiritual & Earthen Realm; bringing back the messages of the dead. They have been featured, throughout time, in the parables, stories and legends of ancient civilizations. Bring home one of these darlings to invigorate your magickal path and bring support to your craft endeavors.  Some may feature a polish coating that makes the exterior shiny, however they are stone throughout.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Onyx

Onyx is a stone heralded in ancient civilizations for its presence of power and ability to influence and sway the energy of those around it. It has been used in ceremonies and castings related to absorbing and filtering negative energy while also keeping the mind focused and sharp to achieve the experience & results desired. It is a very active stone that can provide support as needed or can bring with it a great calm that settles nerves & an overactive mind. Onyx is a royal stone; used throughout time by royalty & nobility as a sign of prestige and power. It was used to create works of art through carvings, as embodiment and offerings of the gods, and was revered for sculpting to capture the likeness of heros and gods. It has been used in application of jewelry, armory, ritual tools, seals and amulets of power by the ancient Romans and Greeks. It is an intriguing stone that can lead you into seizing and achieving your destiny.

You will receive one statue of your choice of size:

Mini - 1.5" - 1.7" tall

Small - 2.3" - 2.5" tall

Medium - between 3" - 3.5" tall

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Onyx Raven
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