Rose Quartz Angel Spirit Guide Carving

The angel Spirit Guide follows those who need guidance, support, protection, visions, revelations, or spiritual grace. The angel can bring a spiritual renewal, strengthen faith, and provide you the courage and wisdom to follow-through with your dreams, passions, and desires. The angel is a welcome guardian for all those on Earth as they provide a divine link between the Earthen Realm and both the Spiritual & Astral Realms.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Rose Quartz

Stone for Love

Rose Quartz is the gemstone that resonates the most with love; in all its forms.  When you work with rose quartz you are connected to all forms of love that exist within the Universe.  You feel a surge of romantic and nurturing energies wash over you with power and acceptance.  Rose quartz eases feelings of anxiety, jealousy and anger while promoting peace, happiness and inspiration.  This stone promotes good health and an appreciation for life.  It encourages hope in life and compassion for others.  If you meditate with rose quartz it sends you into a sincere and honest state of mind for introspection and self-discovery. 

This angel is 1.5" tall.

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