Orgone Pencil Pendant

This pendant is a powerful tool which will complement any lifestyle. It is a vortex of Orgone energy which can be applied to anything & everything within your life. It is a powerful force which conducts itself by accenting and contributing to your life. The Orgone energy contained within will add itself to all things in your life. The Orgone energy acts as a support and backbone upon which many things can rest. You can use this energy for yourself, for your personal life, your love life, contributing to the spells you cast, complementing the spirits in your keep, and spiritual energy you possess. You will feel its powerful, supportive energy add benefit to your actions and endeavors and create a better atmosphere through which you can succeed.

The Orgone energy contained within this pendant does not need to be recharged, it works all the time. It's a pleasant and constant energy which makes you feel more empowered, prepared, and ready for anything that will come into your life. It is also an enlightening companion during sleep. While you slumber the Orgone energy contributes a constant force which makes a strong influence upon your lucidity & clarity of dreams for your present and future.

Enjoy wearing this lively pendant and attract the positive forces of the Universe :)

You will receive one pendant, approximately 1" - 1.5" in length. Every pendant is handmade and is unique.

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Customer Reviews

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I am overjoyed with my orgone!!! This was my second order. Soooooo I have a total of seven. They have a strong vibration in them. I made three pair of earrings (one set for me and a set for each of my two daughters. I also made a pendulum.) So, I will order more soon. Thanks so muchhh!!!!

So cute

Love this!

happy crystal owner

happy with the quality...


Thankful for the extra stone as well 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽