Monthly Subscription Box - Crystal Clusters, Gemstones, Tumbled Stones

You will receive a beautiful gift box with hand-picked, gemstone treasures from around the world. Your box will have a new mixture of gemstones and crystal each month - including any of the following: crystal clusters, tumbled gemstones, aura quartz crystals, gemstone towers or obelisks, gemstone spheres, gemstone animal carvings, gemstone jewelry, Himalayan salt items, bottles of gemstone chips, rough gemstones, and more!

We source and make some of the most exquisite gemstones and crystals that we send right to your home each month!

Monthly Crystal
- you will receive 7-10 gemstone items in your box which may include crystal clusters, tumbled gemstones, gemstone towers or obelisks, gemstone spheres, gemstone animal carving, gemstone pendulums or jewelry, rough gemstones, or gemstone sets like sacred geometry, chakra, or Reiki.

 You will be charged separately for shipping of the box based on weight & the destination.

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Customer Reviews

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We expected a small box of items that didn't sell. We were wrong. A large box came in the mail, full of wonderful crystals & beautiful gemstones. We're not just pleased. We're thrilled & excited for next month's delivery!


Monthly Subscription Box - Crystal Clusters, Gemstones, Tumbled Stones

February Box

I anxiously awaited the February box and I was not let down! In addition to individual stones, I was blessed with a palm stone, tower, and even a gemstone necklace!! This box continues to make me smile and it's an excellent way to continually add to my collection - at an affordable price! Thanks so much CGS! I believe you have a life-time customer in me!

Wrapped with Love & Care

I am so, So, SO happy with this subscription box! From packaging to delivery...The Crystal Gemstone Shop maintains consistent contact via email. Each treasure is individually boxed and wrapped with love and care. I feel like it's Christmas each month! I also appreciate the informational papers included. I read on a previous review to, "order this monthly won't regret it!" and I am here to say that I did and I cannot rave about this purchase enough!

Great way to start a collection

I was pleasantly surprised at the care given to protect and label each crystal. Nice selection. Almost as if they were all picked just for me!