Carved Gemstone Animal Fetish Bead - Mini- Totem Animal Spirit Guide Carving

Gemstone Totem Animal Spirit Guide Carving

 Totem animals and spirit guides represent a path to our own spiritual realm. They assist us in finding and dealing with difficulties by showing us another way. Every animal guide leads us to viewing the world through their perspective.

You will receive one gemstone Totem Animal Guide in the shape of of your choice. These are mini carvings are approximately 0.75" on the longest side. 

Stone choice is random, and based on availability. 

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Barnes
Review for 5 items

I purchase multiple fetishes from this seller. The fetishes are exactly as described. However, the seller gets to pick the type if gemstones that you get the animal in. This is where I was a bit disappointed. The stones are almost the same in color. All light colored stones. Since they are all holiday gifts to the same person, I would have liked to have more of a color selection. I do plan on ordering more after the holiday so I'm going to include a note & see if they are able to accommodate me. If they are truly good sellers, they will take it into consideration.

nicole martinez

my GF loved her aura quartz cluster so much i recommend buying from here

Chelsea A. Kidd

I bought the bat carving for my mom. When my grandmother passed away last year my mom went outside and saw two bats flying. And she said "that's Nana and her sister." Ever since then bats have a very special meaning to her. She absolutely LOVES this crystal! She cried and was so touched by this gift. Thank you so much! I am so happy with this purchase!

Janene Freitag
Great gift for my granddaughter and me!

The squirrel 🐿totem I got for my granddaughter was a huge hit! She's 9 and has been collecting for several years. I also got my totem, a 🐅 tiger and I love it!!

Cindy Hodson
Lion Mini

It is very cute.Just a little smaller than expected. But I guess that is what mini means. I still love it thanks. Thanks for the free gift as well!