Rough Raw Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone - by the Ounce

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Add some pizazz to your crystal decor or collection with this Rough Raw Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone. Richly colored, these tourmaline stones are great to add a bit of 'WOW!' to any project, and by the ounce, you have plenty of sparkle to go around!

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Tourmaline

Gemstone for the Heart Chakra

Pink Tourmaline is a stone that stimulates the Heart Chakra and helps you to feel happiness and joy. This gemstone guides all matters of the heart whether they are internal, platonic, or passionate. Pink Tourmaline helps you find your way through loving relationships and brings a sense of peace, ease, and appreciation. This stone relieves stress and anxiety, and drives matters of the heart with clarity and wisdom. This stone makes you feel happy, feel an appreciation for life, and feel a true joy for the future. Pink Tourmaline is a wonderful stone to work with to pull you out of the murkiness of negativity and find love for yourself and others.

*Pink Tourmaline can range in hue from a light pink stone to a full-blooded pink.*

Metaphysical Properties of Green Tourmaline

Metaphysical Properties of Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline aligns you with the powers of the Earth and organic forces of the supernatural. This stone resonates to the Heart Chakra and is often considered the masculine influence to the Pink Tourmaline as is evidenced in the Watermelon Tourmaline's perfect balance. Green Tourmaline invigorates your desire to be aligned with the Elemental forces of nature; especially earth. Through work with this stone you can harness control, focus, determination and a drive for success in life. Green Tourmaline inspires you and helps you recognize your natural abilities and gifts in life.

*Green Tourmaline varies in hue from a pale green stone to closer to an emerald color.*

You will receive one ounce of raw Watermelon Tourmaline. Size and shape of pieces will vary, as these are raw specimens sold by weight.

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don't hesitate

If you are on the fence about any of the stones in this store, rest assured, you are in good hands. They are very responsive to requests and questions to make sure you get exactly what you need. These tourmalines have a nice color and great size. Good addition to any collection

Heather McGuire
Very happy with items

Very happy with items! Great place to shop!!!


Nice addition to my collection

Love my stones

I love the pieces that was sent to me perfect size perfectly packaged and great amount for the money

Mounika Ganji

Rough Raw -1 oz Bag- Pink Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone