Multi-Moonstone Tumbled Polished Gemstone - Stone of Lunar Blessings

Metaphysical Properties of Multi-Moonstone

Moonstone comes in many different shades, which may even grow together on the same specimen! 

White Moonstone has a magnificently ethereal presence. The stone naturally stimulates your psychic abilities and gifts. You will find peace, balance, happiness and calm through all areas of your life. The stone brings good luck, success, joy and brilliance in all things. Moonstone energizes you with lunar energy and settles you with grace and stability. Moonstone can soothe a weary mind and inspire you to explore higher powers.

Peach Moonstone is a gemstone that promotes a healthy & strong aura, aligns you with the value of introspection and looking within for answers and inspiration.  It is a gemstone that promotes a healthy dose of selfish love as you are encouraged to take care of yourself and look after your needs.  Peach Moonstone is a warm gemstone that generates a great deal of positive, uplifting energy to help you find blessings and happiness in every day.

Black Moonstone speaks to our inner mysteries and secrets. It is a gemstone that channels lunar energy and surrounds us with the shadow of celestial light. It is a great gemstone for illusion work and for casting a mysterious aura. It is a stone for protecting lovers in secret, for helping you keep secrets from others, and for not sharing secrets entrusted to you. As a lunar light gemstone it speaks to your lunar connections and helps you work with the power of the Moon.

You will receive your choice of the following:

ONE randomly selected Moonstone, between 0.6" - 1.25" on the longest side.

THREE randomly selected Moonstones measuring between 0.25" - 0.5"  on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Alyson Gaddis
🍑 Peach Peach Peach 🍑

Did I know there was a peach colored moonstone? No. Did I find out after this order? YES!! I am so thankful!

Gena DeMacedo

It is such a gorgeous stone! I love this shop shipping is fast and packaging is beautiful!

Lauren Troxell
Beautiful stone

Such a beautiful little stone. Fast shipping and lovely packaging ❣

Kailey S.

I got one of the yellow/orange pieces and its beautiful!

Amy Shouse

I love them. Thank you