Lepidolite - Pink Lithium Mica - Gemstone Cleavage Slice - Stone of Letting Go

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Lepidolite

Clear the Blockages in Life

Lepidolite is an active gemstone that can help you to get out of ruts or stale routines in your life and move on towards better things. The cleansing power of Lepidolite is in its ability to help you remove the people & things from your life that are blocking you and keeping you from success and being able to recognize your own potential. The metaphysical properties of Lepidolite provide power to find inner peace, let go of grudges and negative thoughts, and be able to see your future with clarity. It is a wonderful gemstone to flush away bad behaviors and bad thoughts that keep you locked into a cycle of negativity. You will enjoy the calming effect of this gemstone when you meditate or sleep with it nearby.

Lepidolite is a shimmery gemstone that can be silver, translucent, maroon or purple in color. Its surface appears flaky, multi-layered and highly reflective. 

You will receive one slice in the size range of your choice. Thickness of slice varies.


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Customer Reviews

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Shannon Fitzgerald

I really love it. It’s so pretty and sits on my bedside table.

Justine Marie

These stones are beautiful. Great quality. So happy I found this site.

Dianna Purdue
Great quality, packaged very well in little individual...

Great quality, packaged very well in little individual boxes. Love my stones

Anna Maria
Beautiful pieces and so helpful! I will totally shop here in...

Beautiful pieces and so helpful! I will totally shop here in the future! Fast shipping too!