Natural Fulgurite - Sand Fused into Glass by Lightning Strike - Ethereal Beauty - Multiple Sizes

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Fulgurite

Struck from Lightning in the Sand

Fulgurite is filled with energy and helps you forge new paths in your life. As a formation brought about by lightning, Fulgurite is fused sand which turns to glass. Its unusual, often tublar shape, is conducive to channeling primal and astral energies from deep within. Fulgurite is a highly active formation that will invigorate and excite you to be more in tune with your divinity.

Fulgurite is sand-colored and sometime grey. It has a delicate structure and you can clearly see the sand in the specimen. These pieces are not uniform and each piece has a unique shape, with some being slender and others being thicker.

These specimens were found in Polk County, Florida. 

You will receive One natural Fulgurite in the size range of your choosing: 

Small ( 0.5" - 1" )

Medium ( 1.25" - 2" )

Large ( 2.1" - 2.75" )

These specimens are measured by length! Width and overall shape varies due to the nature of Fulgurites as the result of Lightning Strikes!

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Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Favis

Could feel the energy! Love the packaging. Probably going to repurchase another soon. :) Thanks!

Satisfied Customer

Beautiful stones Quality Shipping and product display

Annalyn McCay

Beautiful piece. Came in perfect condition and perfect little box

Brianna Roberts
Pleasantly surprised

When I ordered this I expected it to just be a normal piece of fulgurite. I received it and it was absolutely gorgeous. There was an inclusion of some sort of crystal tho I'm not sure what type. In love!

Phyllis Brooks
Great little piece of fulganite.

I expected a small piece, that's what I got, but it's a beautiful specimen. Thanks!