Malachite Freeform Polished Tumbled Gemstone - Multiple Sizes!

Metaphysical Properties of Malachite

Stone of Transformation

Malachite is a gorgeous stone of emerald green color. In fine specimens it can have swirls of various shades of green in a mesmerizing pattern. Malachite is hailed as a stone for true transformation. It will assist you through life changes and help you to make the right decisions for your future. You will find yourself being consistently motivated to become a greater person with the Malachite gemstone. It creates within you true voice of hope and self-expression. You should wear or work with malachite when you have to speak in public for greater confidence and focus. This gemstone is a healing force of nature which draws negative energies away from the mind and burns it away through positive energy.

Every stone is unique, no two are the same! You will receive a stone of your choice of size; sizes are approximate and yours may be slightly smaller or slightly larger. These pieces may include some blue which is the natural chrysocolla growth in the stone. 

You will receive one freeform Malachite in the size range of your choice. Freeform specimens feature dips, caverns, and natural rough spots which show off the organic quality of the stone.

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Customer Reviews

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Bonnie Kelly

Nice stone. I understand the patterns and shapes vary, but I was a little disappointed in the flat shape since this was a gift. It’s fine nevertheless.

Robert Comparda
Malachite Freeform Polished Tumbled Gemstone

This is such a beautiful gemstone! It's larger than I thought it would be, and has such deep colors. I love it.

Mary Rose Cassavant
Malachite Freeform Polished Tumbled Gemstone

I love the swirls found in Malachite and having polished gems to ooh and awe over is a simple delight to participate in. I am delighted with the samples I received and will certainly order from them again !!

Perfect stone.

Perfect stone. Shipped quickly and safely.

The stone looks very pretty!

The stone looks very pretty!