Citrine Gemstone Tower Obelisk- A-Grade

Metaphysical Properties of Citrine

Solar Gemstone of Cleansing Power

Citrine is a gemstone known for its diverse profile in metaphysical powers. It will manifest your heart's desires, it strengthens your resolve and confidence, it gives you the courage & stamina to fulfill your dreams, and it activates the creative mind. It is a solar gemstone which naturally resonates highly to the Sun's energy. It channels the Sun's cleansing and rejuvenating energies providing you a ray of hope during dark hours or giving you a boost of positive energy during times when you feel lost. It project the Sun's cleansing power deep within; able to clear blockages and voids from the soul, aura and Chakras. It is not an energy-generator but is an energy-channeler; absorbing, filtering and fracturing energy around it in a halo. For this reason it is effective as a cleanser; it can dissolve negative energy it comes into contact with and convert it into positive energy. As a solar gemstone is uses the Sun's cleansing powers to keep itself charged and naturally clean.

You will receive one Citrine tower your choice of size: 

Mini: Approximately 1.5"- 2" 

Small: 2"- 2.5" 

Medium: Approximately 2.5"- 3" 

Large: 3+ 

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Customer Reviews

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Citrine obelisk tower.

High quality and the perfect size.

Citrine Gemstone Tower Obelisk

I am thrilled with this purchase. The citrine is clear and blemish free, a joy to work with.

Great Color

More beautiful than I imagined


Citrine Gemstone Tower Obelisk- A-Grade