Gemstone Butterfly Totem Animal Guardian Carving Bead

Butterfly Totem Meaning & Symbolism

Totem animals and spirit guides represent a path to our own spiritual realm. They are the shape and intention which best sings to our soul. They assist us in finding and dealing with difficulties, making decisions, and seeking personal growth. Every animal guide leads us to viewing the world through their perspective.

The Butterfly is a captivating shape, often associated with the soul and transformation. They are Nature's reminder that we are all creatures of constant change, and they bring with them the fortitude and flexibility to adapt to new circumstances. The butterfly, like the phoenix, is a symbol of rebirth and reinvention, helping us shed the old so we can better appreciate the new!

Each stone bespeaks its own nature and intention, giving direction to the areas of transformation and change you wish to see in yourself and your daily life.

Agate (Natural) - Strength, Confidence, and Protection
Amazonite - Honesty, Loyalty, and Courage
Amethyst - Soothing Energy, Reducing Stress, and Self Love
Aqua Blue Obsidian - Mental Clarity, Focus, and Intuition
Black Obsidian - Protection and Restoration
Fancy Jasper - Decision Making, Responsibility, and Healing Inner Conflicts
Gold Quartz - Unearthing the Hidden and Harnessing Positive Energy
Green Aventurine - Fertility, Luck, and Abundance
Kiwi Sesame Jasper - Sexual Confidence and Erotic Magnetism
Lime Howlite (Dyed) - Joy, Peace, and Happiness
Nephrite Jade - Compassion, Sincerity, and Honesty
New Jade - Luck, Wealth, and Wisdom
Opalite - Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Motivation
Orange Calcite - Mental Fortitude, Overcoming Hardship, and Determination
Pink Quartz (Dyed) - Mental Clarity, Positive Energy, and Heart Chakra
Purple Quartz (Dyed) - Mental Clarity, Positive Energy, and Crown Chakra
Quartz - Mental Clarity, Positive Energy, and Amplification
Red Aventurine - Passion, Determination, and Power
Red Howlite (Dyed) - Joy, Peace, and Happiness
Rose Quartz - Love of All Forms and Emotional Healing
Serpentine - Prosperity and Opportunities
Strawberry Obsidian - Open Heart & Mind and Positive Power
Turquenite / Blue Howlite (Dyed) - Unearthing Hidden Memories 
Yellow Obsidian - Aura Work and Dissipating Negative Energy
Zebra Jasper - Balance, Acceptance, and Dispelling Negativity

Or choose a Random Butterfly, and let destiny determine what stone your butterfly should be made of.

When you choose Random Butterfly, you may receive any of the stones listed above, as well as many stone types that are not listed here!

Natural Agate Butterflies come in randomly chosen natural shades including: White Agate, Black Agate, Red Agate, Orange Agate, Brown Agate, Yellow Agate.

Item Specifics 

You will receive one Butterfly in the material of your choice. Each butterfly is approximately 1.5" long x 1" tall x 0.2" thick. These are thin beads, cut from B-grade stone. Some beads may feature color enhancement. Shape of butterfly may vary from carving to carving. 

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Customer Reviews

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Rose S
Just perfect!

I received my carved butterflies and I just love them. I put them on my shelves with the family photos. They look so cute! I am definitely going to order some more.

Melissa Benner

Very beautiful. It’s a pretty orange color.

Karleigh Hewett

Orange calcite butterfly is just wonderful 😍

Karleigh Hewett

Nephrite Jade butterfly is gorgeous!

Pretty and clear

Lovely clear aqua color nicely carved with a butterfly.