Sunstone Gemstone Polished Pendulum

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Sunstone

Sunstone carries the energy of the Sun star in our solar system. The gemstone is alive with solar energy when you hold or wear it and you can feel it radiate through all 3 of your bodies. Sunstone shines a supernatural light within your consciousness and helps you to receive powerful messages from your ancestors and spirit guides. It will also help you to receive the blessings and gifts of the Universe. Sunstone brings abundance, prosperity and hope into your life; even when things seem hopeless. When you work with sunstone you will feel amazing clarity and mental strength. Sunstone will open you to new paths of galactic wisdom and understanding. You will be able to break free from the rut you find yourself in with life and seize upon the greatest opportunities the world has to offer.


 Tool of Divination, Magic, and Spirit World Communication

Pendulums are an ancient tool of divination which has been used for centuries and has been fashioned from gemstone, metal, stone, wood, and even clay. The pendulum is suspended from a chain, which is pinched between your thumb & index finger or thumb & middle finger. No pressure should be applied to the movement of the pendulum; it should be allowed to move freely on its own. There are many ways to use pendulums for communication and pendulums can be conduits for messages from spirits & ancestors, from spirits guides, and direct you towards signs. Pendulums can be used with communication mats, spirit boards, or with simple "Yes" or "No" written on paper. Practicing pendulum communication will increase your accuracy.

You will receive one pendulum between 1" - 2" in gemstone length. The pendulum chain length varies between 6" - 6.5".

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elizabeth Clark
Instant Response

I am thrilled with the responsiveness of this beautiful Pendulum. It gives quick, clear answers to my telepathy and voice! Love it!

Brandon Smith
Love it!

Great quality pendulum and I love the stone! Would definitely recommend!

Leon Kaveney
Absolutely beautiful!

The sunstone was absolutely stunning and they also gave me some free gifts as well! It's so beautiful

Patricia Dodd
Sunstone pendulum

Very pretty. Thank you

allison s
Beautiful pendulum

The sunstone is lovely, it is a nice weight and will be easy to use. It comes on a small chain with a clear gem/glass piece at the top to hold onto. It is a gorgeous pendulum overall and I am excited to use it more.