Included Phantom Quartz Lodolite Gemstone Tower Point - Small

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Included Quartz

Stone of True Clarity & Purpose in Life

Included quartz is a tremendous gemstone that helps you to discover what you are truly capable of. It provides immense clarity for your supernatural abilities and creates a sense of purpose and true thoughtfulness. You will explore your ability to focus, evolve and realize greater paths of supernatural visage and revelation. If you need a gemstone to remove the cloudiness of your intentions and give you power to fuel success for the greater paths of your Destiny this gemstone is perfect. Open your mind, spirit and body to all the possibilities through this gorgeous gemstone often included with various other gemstones and minerals.

You will receive one tower in the size of your choice, they are sized by both weight and height.


Small: 1.0"-1.25"

Medium: 1.3"-1.5"

Large: 1.6"-2"

Extra Large: 2"-2.5"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Debbi Henderson

an excellent company that seems to be very invested in selecting the right stones for their customers

Karen T
Included Phantom Quartz Lodolite Point

Beautiful and great energy

Jolanta Lelinska

The point is not as colorful as I would expect for a garden quartz and a not much inclusion shows. But it is a nice stone.

Mary Rose Cassavant
Included Phantom Quartz Lodolite Gemstone Tower Point

wonderful gemstone, I could lose myself for hours working with this gemstone

Gorgeous lodolite generator/mini tower

I love included quartz and this lodolite mini tower is a prime example of beautiful inclusions and phantoms. You can get lost gazing inside it.