Pinolith Polished Tumbled Gemstone - Stone of Revelations - 0.5" - 1"

You will receive one tumbled stone measuring approximately 0.5" - 1" long.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Pinolith

Stone for Psychic Revelations

Pinolith is a rarity in the gem world and is a must-have for any collection.  Pinolith is a filtering stone that can help you to balance the mortal thoughts of daily responsibility and obligation with the signs and messages given to you as psychic revelations, messages from ancestors, and enlightened thoughts.  Pinolith grounds you through the ancient energies of the Earth while allowing for celestial visions and revelations about your future.  When you work with this stone towards goals of enlightenment, Pinolith melts away the blockages that keep you from releasing your mind and allowing it to climb the ethereal ladder towards true awareness and reflection.  Pinolith is a powerful and diverse stone of many supernatural abilities, helping to sooth chaotic energies and frazzled thoughts. It is a stone that creates an inner peace and a calm foundation for spiritual growth.

Pinolith is also known as Pinolite, Pinecone Jasper, and Pine Stone. It features Magnesite, Graphite, and Dolomite in a distinctive kernelled pattern reminiscent of a pinecone. Howlite is not present in Pinolith, and the two stones should not be confused, as they are distinct from one another and unrelated.

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Customer Reviews

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Rodney Darrin

Awesome product at a great price.

Eric Greb
Quality Jasper

These were really neat Pinolith Jasper. The color and quality of these gems was as good, or better, than many places found on the web. There were lots of gems to choose from, and they were out of any. Good size, and at a fair price. I will be shopping here again.

Rachel Selima
Love my Pinolith!

Absolutely beautiful stone! Gave me shockwaves throughout my body when I held it, and gave me a deep earth/ ocean perception. Love using this rock baby!

Dana Bryant

Items I received came quickly and were completely up to my expectations.

Elizabeth Chapman
Amazing Products

I purchased a number of stones from Crystal Gemstone Shop. Everyone of them arrived in beautiful condition. I will be planning to order many more times from them.