Poppy Jasper is the stone for those who want to lift the positive energy in their hearts and commune with Mother Nature in ways they never have before. The stone is a tremendous conduit for opening the lines of communication between you and nature; bonding with the Earth, communicating with animals, and identify with foliage. Poppy Jasper helps alleviate stress, instill feelings of happiness, belonging, and contentment. The stone provides energies of joy, faith, mirth and love. If you want to positively overcome past relationships, if you want to feel more in tune with your inner self, and you want to be happier overall Poppy Jasper is a tremendous stone to work with.

Poppy Jasper is a stone with bright red circles or polka dots that look like poppy flowers. Sometimes the center of the red circles will be black or tan. Other colors in Poppy Jasper include clear, white, ivory, tan, brown or black.


Other information
Poppy jasper, or Orbicular jasper, is silicified rhyolite with either quartz or feldspar. Russian, American, and Malagasy deposits are the most common.


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