Fancy Chalcedony Gemstone Pyramid

Metaphysical Properties of Fancy Chalcedony

Stone of Peace, Hope, Love and the Heart

Chalcedony is a stone that facilitates peace, hope, love, and nurtures the positive emotions of the heart. When used in meditation Chalcedony acts as a conduit for telepathy and clairvoyance. It naturally absorbs negative energies and diffuses them away from the consciousness; Chalcedony prevents negative energy from spreading. Chalcedony stimulates the conscious and unconscious mind and helps you to find balance & alignment in your 3 bodies. The stone promotes patience, thoughtfulness, and self-confidence while encouraging a zest for love & enlightenment. Chalcedony stimulates your inner sage and helps you to cleanse the darkness from your mind, body and spirit.

Fancy Chalcedony has a highly resonating energy that brings the best of its natural graces into your life. It is motivational for achieving your dreams.

You will receive 1 pyramid your choice of size:

Small: Approximately 1.5" tall with a 1.4" base.

Medium: Approximately 2" tall with a 1.75" base. 

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Gemstone Pyramids

The Chalcedony Gemstone Pyramids I received were both beautiful and well packaged. Your turn around time is wonderful. I gave one as a gift to my friend and I have one on my "sacred space" table. It is a splendid addition that truly resonates with me.


Love it