Uplifting Energy, Positive Power, Family Love - Essential Oil Crystal Healing Gemstone Kit Perfect Gift

Uplifting Energy, Positive Power, Family Love Essential Oil Kit

Lava Rock
- dissolves negative energy
- discovering new paths in your journey
- does well for absorbing your essential oils

Dalmatian Jasper
- uplifting, youthful energy
- sparks creativity & joy
- encourages family love, respect, and support

Moss Agate
- stone for a fresh start or journey
- working with the Earth's Elemental powers
- promotes positive growth in life

Peach Moonstone
- encourages healthy & strong aura
- inspires you to take care of yourself
- positive, uplifting energy

This is a fantastic decoration for the home, meditation space, nightstand, or take to work for your office desk. This makes a great gift for adult family members, teenage children, college students, and co-workers.

If you like to work with essential oils for aromatherapy and holistic care, this kit is an amazing way to decorate and enjoy the powers of the stones & oils.

Place the lava stones at the bottom of the dish to collect any residual, essential oil placed on the lava rock. Then place your other gemstones at the top of the dish to be amplified by the lava rock and essential oils.

You will receive
- 10 Lava Rock stones
- 1 Dalmatian Jasper
- 1 Moss Agate
- 1 Peach Moonstone
- clear glass dish (your choice of color of decorative sticker; secondary photo shows both stickers)
- Crystal Gemstone Shop gift box

This is a gift that can be enjoyed for a lifetime!

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