White Selenite Gemstone Cleansing & Charging Altar Ruler Tile Plate - Multiple Sizes!

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite

Stone of Clarity and Clearing Blockages

Selenite is a wonderful stone for those who need strong support and guidance in decision-making. This gemstone brings clarity, focus and honesty within your thoughts and mind. It works by clearing all blockages and invigorating you with energizing cleansing and restoration. As you work with selenite you can feel a connection to lunar powers and energy form within all of your 3 bodies. You have linkage and connection for Astral power. This Astral energy keeps you from having a stale or mundane life. It breaths new ideas, hope and grace into your mind & spirit.

These Selenite Rulers are an excellent way to Cleanse and Charge your tumbled stones, raw stones, crystals, clusters, and gemstone jewelry! They make a beautiful addition to any altar space.

 You will receive one Selenite Ruler in the Length range you have chosen.

Each ruler is approximately 1.25" - 1.5" wide, and approximately 0.25" - 0.3" thick.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Belle Wentz
Cleansing & Charging Alter Ruler Tile Plate

Very beautiful.

Asia Vercetti
Amazing customer service and products

I’m a Chakra and Crystal therapist so I appreciate quality and availability of rare crystals. I was, first of all, amazed by the packaging and the love and care put into it. Everything was wrapped in a cute box and it felt like I was opening gifts for Christmas lol. I was also surprised on how big the selenite wand was, I have been looking everywhere for a wand and they were either really small or didn’t seem good quality. This will be the only place I buy my crystals from now on. Shipping was fast and plus everything is reasonably priced. Thanks guys!

Cristina Dorda Soriano
Great quality and very useful for Crystal Therapy

I work with crystals as a therapist and this is a great tool to keep them energized. The quality is great and I'm very happy with the order. Alex was in charge of packing my order and did a great job. This piece is specially delicate, so thank you so much! I love your shop!

Lilia Escoto
Selenite Ruler & Charging Plate

Beautiful piece to add to my crystal collection!

Ashley Schwegel

Heavy duty sturdy stick of crystal large enough for 8 or more medium.size crystals