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Chytha Polished Tumbled Gemstone - 0.5" - 1" 2
Chytha Polished Tumbled Gemstone - 0.5" - 1"
Chytha Polished Tumbled Gemstone - 0.5" - 1" 2
Chytha Polished Tumbled Gemstone - 0.5" - 1"

Chytha Natural Tumbled Gemstone - Single Stone

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You will receive one tumbled stone measuring approximately 0.5" - 1" long.

Specimens are natural materials and may feature more light green or more dark green depending on the stone.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Chytha

Stone for Clearing Toxic Energy

Chytha is a tremendous gemstone to work with when you need to clear the toxic influences in your life and amplify positive power. It reminds you that letting go can be healthy and necessary, especially when what you are holding on to causes you pain or suffering. All negative energies that surround your aura, 3 bodies, and Chakras can be wicked away and removed, leaving you cleansed and ready for spiritual healing. Chytha is a stone of inner strength and trusting the self, inspiring self-confidence and self-love. There is tremendous connection between your heart and your mind which strengthens your ability to understand others and realize your full potential. Chytha helps to tap into that inner wisdom and make better decisions involving your emotional state, personal connections, and coping mechanisms.

Chytha is the intergrowth of serpentine and green jade. This gemstone is a mixture of pale and dark hues of green, often in splotches. Since no two specimens are ever exactly the same, some may feature more Serpentine or more Green Jade.

Crystals and gemstones are nature's true beauties, but they are not a substitute for seeking professional medical, legal, health, or financial advice. Crystals and gemstones are to be used in conjunction with any professional care you are receiving and do not provide healing, cures, or other remedies modern medicine can provide. The information provided in our listings with regard to the powers of crystals and gemstones are all derived from personal & professional experience with crystals & gems as well as ancient wisdom and texts documenting knowledge gained from civilizations around the world. They are not backed by the FDA or scientific/government resources. Our crystals & gemstones are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or malady. Our crystals and gemstones are also not a replacement for seeking professional legal advice, financial advising, or any other field of professional expertise. Crystals and gemstones are intended to be appreciated for their natural power and beauty, and used alongside modern, professional methods.

Specimens are natural materials and stones may feature natural internal fractures, dips, caverns, or inclusions consistent with the growth pattern of the stone. Coloration varies from specimen to specimen.Photos indicate the type, style, material, and quality range of the item. The exact specimens shown in photos may no longer be available.

Customer Reviews

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Loving it!

Having always being exposed to toxic people, I find this is a great stone that really helps with clearing all that away!


Holding this Chytha in my right hand (dominant), I can feel tension, irritation, and bad-moodiness dissipate - with the intention of "giving" my periodic negativity (don't we all have that periodically) to the stone, I can literally feel those things melting away. And of course clearing the stone afterward is a must! What a wonderful tool Chytha is!

Nicolas Vonrueden
Another wonderful green stone and this one...

Another wonderful green stone and this one has a special calming energy

Dee Rau
The Chytha stone had me at its metaphysica...

The Chytha stone had me at its metaphysical description … clearing toxic energy … yes, please! I'm very much looking forward to working with this little beauty!!

Patricia Crooks
This review has no content.

This review has no content.