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Stone Sources

We pride ourselves in working closely with small mines, mine vendors, and stone-cutters around the world.  We always do our best to ensure our stones come from sources who cherish the sanctity of stones as much as we do.

Any time we can work with mines in the United States, we do, and we do a lot of business with mines and lapidary shops here in the USA. Any gemstones or minerals that cannot be found in the USA we work with reputable mines and mine-vendors; most of our relationships being long-established over 15+ years.  We always strive to work with ethical businesses & mines and establish personal relationships to communicate openly about sound mining practices; best practices for the Earth as well as for those working for the mine.

This list is a common source of country origin for the gemstones featured in our shop. 

Aegirine USA, Norway, China
Agatized Coral Florida (USA)

Arizona (USA), South Africa


Brazil, Russia,


Colorado (USA), Brazil


USA, Europe

Amethyst Brazil, Madagascar
Ametrine Brazil
Ammonite Madagascar
Angelite Peru
Apache Tears Arizona (USA)
Apatite Mexico

USA, Europe


USA, Austria, Brazil


USA, Europe, Morocco, Peru


USA, Norway, China


USA, China, Europe


Colorado (USA), Norway, Russia

Atacamite Australia, Chile
Aventurine South Africa
Azurite Europe, USA
Barite Colorado (USA), France, U.K.
Biotite Zimbabwe
Bird's Eye Rhyolite Mexico
Bismuth Australia, Europe, USA
Black Moonstone India
Bloodstone California (USA), Colorado (USA)
Blue Chalcedony California (USA), Nebraska (USA), Washington (USA)
Blue Lace Agate Kenya, Namibia
Blue Quartz USA
Botswana Agate Botswana
Boulder Opal Australia
Bowenite USA
Bronzite Australia, Europe, USA
Brucite Pakistan
Bumblebee Jasper Indonesia
Cactus Amethyst South Africa
Calligraphy Stone India
Carnelian Europe, USA
Cassiterite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Cat's Eye DR Congo, Madagascar, Sri Lanka
Cavansite India, New Zealand, USA
Celestite Europe, USA
Cerussite Morocco
Chalcedony Madagascar
Chalcopyrite Mexico
Charoite India, Russia
Cherry Quartz Mexico, Morocco, Kazakhstan
Chiastolite Europe, USA
Chinese Writing Stone California
Chocolate Rhodocrosite Argentina
Chohua Jasper China
Chrysanthemum Stone China
Chrysocolla Congo, Peru
Chrysoprase Australia, Brazil, USA
Chrysotile Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Chytha China
Cinnabar China, Europe, Peru, USA
Citrine Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia - And Others.
Cobaltoan Calcite DR Congo, Europe, Morocco
Copper Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Coprolite Sweden, Utah (USA), Washington (USA)
Cornetite Chile, DR Congo, USA
Crazy Lace Agate Mexico
Dalmatian Stone Mexico
Danburite Europe, Mexico, Myanmar
Dendritic Agate USA
Desert Rose Algeria, Arizona (USA), North Africa,
Diamond Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Diopside Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Dolomite Europe, South America, USA
Dragon Blood Jasper Australia
Dravite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Dumortierite France, Madagascar
Emerald Brazil, Colombia, Zambia
Emerald Fuchsite Brazil
Enhydro Agate Oregon (USA)
Epidote Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Erythrite Australia, Germany
Eudialyte Brazil, Canada, Norway
Eye Agate California (USA), Texas (USA), Panama
Faden Quartz Afghanistan, Pakistan
Fairy Stone Brittany (France), Switzerland
Feldspar Agder (Norway), North Carolina (USA), South Dakota (USA)
Fire Agate Arizona (USA), Mexico
Fluorite Connecticut (USA), England, France
Fuchsite Austria, Brazil, USA
Fulgurite Florida
Galena Morocco
Gaspeite Quebec (Canda), Australia
Granite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Grape Agate Indonesia
Graphite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Grossularite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Gyrolite Faroe Island, Greenland, Ireland, Scotland
Healerite USA
Heliodor Brazil, USA
Hematite Brazil
Hemimorphite France, Germany, USA, UK
Herkimer Diamond New York (USA)
Heulandite Austria, Germany, USA
Hessonite Garnet India
Hexagonite New York (USA)
Hiddenite Brazil
Howlite Bolivia, California (USA)
Hubnerite Arizona (USA), Colorado (USA)
Iceland Spar California (USA), Iceland, Mexico, Nevada (USA)
Ilvaite Italy, Norway, Sweden
Infinite South Africa
Iolite Brazil, Canada, USA
Iron Meteorite Sourced Worldwide
Jade Canada, China
Jasper Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Jet Portugal, USA
Jungle Jade Pakistan
Kunzite Afghanistan, California (USA)
Kyanite Minas Gerais (Brazil), Zimbabwe
Labradorite Australia, Canada, Finland
Lapis Lazuli Afghanistan
Larimar Dominican Republic
Leopardite North Carolina (USA)
Lepidolite Brazil
Lithium Quartz California (USA)
Lodolite Brazil
Lizardite Cornwall, Italy, Russia
Malachite Congo
Marble Jasper Brazil
Moldavite Czechia
Mookaite Australia
Moonstone Australia, Myanmar
Morganite Brazil
Moss Agate India
Mugglestone South Africa
Muscovite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Nephrite Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA
New Jade China
Nguni Jasper South Africa
Nuumite Denmark, Finland
Ocean Jasper Madagascar
Onyx USA
Opal Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Opalite Australia, New Zealand, USA
Orpiment China
Orange Calcite Mexico
Pargasite Austria, Finland, Germany, USA
Peacock Ore Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Peridot Europe, USA
Petalite Canada, USA
Petrified Wood USA
Phosphosiderite Brazil, USA
Pietersite Namibia
Pink Thulite Namibia
Polychrome Jasper Madagascar
Prasiolite Canada, Poland
Prehnite USA
Psilomelane USA
Pyrite Peru
Pyromorphite Guizhou, China
Quartz Brazil
Rainbow Jasper South Africa
Red Aventurine India
Rhodocrosite Argentina
Rhodonite Brazil, Madagascar
Rhyolite USA
Rose Quartz Brazil
Ruby India
Rutile Brazil
Sapphire Australia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, USA
Sardonyx India
Scolecite USA
Selenite Mexico
Seraphinite Russia
Serpentine Peru
Shungite Austria, Russia
Silver Leaf Jasper South Africa
Sodalite Australia, Brazil, Canada, etc.
Smoky Quartz Brazil, Arkansas (USA)
Smoky Quartz with Citrine Brazil
Spectrolite Finland
Sphalerite Peru, USA
Stilbite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Strawberry Quartz Mexico
Sugilite South Africa
Sulfur Mined & Sourced Worldwide, most of ours is from Louisiana
Sunstone Canada, USA
Tanzanite Tanzania
Tektite Sourced Worldwide
Tetrahedrite Mined & Sourced Worldwide
Tiffany Stone

Utah (USA)

Tiger Eye

South Africa

Tiger Iron


Tourmalinated Quartz India
Tree Agate


Turquenite South Africa
Turquoise Iran, USA
Unakite USA
Variscite USA
Vesuvianite India
Voegesite South Africa
Watermelon Tourmaline Maine (USA), Brazil, Namibia
White Jade Indonesia
White Opal Australia, Ethiopia