Gemstone Orb Marble Sphere - 30mm - Many Gemstone Styles!

You will receive 1 gemstone sphere, approximately 30mm in diameter, made of the gemstone material you have chosen. Some stones (such as Opalite or Goldstones) are manmade creations, and are testaments to human ingenuity.

Spheres are wonderful for holding during meditation, to admire as an ornament to your home or work environment, and to appreciate as a unique part of your gemstone collection. Orb Stands or Vessels are the best way to ensure that your orb stays in one place and does not roll of its own accord.

Each stone type has its own Metaphysical Properties and Meaning, the basics of which you can find listed below:

Agate (Natural) : Protection & Power
Bloodstone : Wisdom & Creativity
Blue Goldstone : Self-Expression & Opportunity
Blue Quartz : Peace & Inner Reflection
Brecciated Jasper : Focus & Determination
Brecciated Silver Leaf Jasper : Security & Tranquility
Dalmatian Jasper : Youthful Energy & Honesty
Fancy Jasper : Responsible Decision Making & Order
Gold Sheen Obsidian : Lucid Dreams & Visions
Green Aventurine : Luck & Prosperity
Mookaite : Motivation & Inner Truth
Moss Agate : Wealth & Success
Obsidian : Protection from Negativity
Opalite : Confidence & Self-Esteem
Picasso Jasper : Intuition, Awareness, & Connection with Others
Picture Jasper : Shielding & Knowledge
Red Goldstone : Energy Generation & Conscientiousness
Red Jasper : Rebirth & Grounding
Red Jasper Martite : Self-Reflection & Determination
Rhodonite : Forgiveness & Compassion.
Rose Quartz : Love & Emotional Healing
Serpentine : Prosperity & Success
Snowflake Epidote : Peace & Inner Reflection
Sodalite : Communication & Relationships
Unakite : Happiness & Contentment

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kim Bunch
Marble 30mm Spheres

Loved it. No flaws.

Linda Denman

Beautiful ring and orb got.Fast delivery

Pamela Rummage

Love my spheres.Just wish they came with holders/stands.And when ordering it would be nice to have pictures with the names of each stone.

A must have!

I order several orbs, they are all a great additions to my collection. Makes nice gift.

Matthew Nicholson

Im an amature marble collector, and i dont buy any unless they appeal to me.