Gemstone Dragon- Amazonite

The Metaphysical Meaning & Properties of Amazonite

Amazonite is a stunning gemstone whose hues are inspiring for your spirit. The gemstone has a tranquil energy that provides a manifestation of courage, fidelity and honesty. The more you work with the gemstone the stronger you feel a connection to your inner self. This gemstone stimulates and works with all of your Chakras keeping them cleansed, aligned and filled with energy. This gemstone will stimulate and reveal your Third Eye's potential in this life. You will find amazonite is a balancing gemstone that restores your esoteric powers and strengths. This gemstone has been used to work with mystical amulets and create talismans of magick by ancient peoples. It is a gemstone beloved and admired throughout the Middle East and Africa. Uncover your full abilities and supernatural powers.

Dragons are the essence of all that is powerful in the world. The Dragon is the leader of the Chinese astrology, has been featured through history in heraldry, cave drawings, ancient artwork, and Dragons have been a fixture through fables and legends through all civilizations on nearly every continent. Dragons have denoted courage, passion, protection, confidence and power for people from local villages to nobility & royalty. The Dragon is a long a fixture in spirituality and magic; bearing the power of wisdom, truth, honor and overcoming adversity in life.

You will receive one dragon carving approximately:

Small: 2" long x 1" tall x 1" wide.

Medium: 3" long x 2" tall x 1" wide.

Collections: All, Amazonite

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Customer Reviews

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Very nice

Awesome dragon!!!

I purchased this Amazonite dragon because I had never seen a dragon carving like this before. It seemed to call to me. When it arrived, and I opened it, I was totally mesmerized with the beauty and detail of this carving. It looks so real and has such a magical vibration, I ordered the other two that are offered because I know having all 3 will be very powerful. The price of these dragons is very reasonable for the high quality that they are. I highly recommend them. They would make great gifts! I haven’t received the other two yet, and I cannot wait to meet them!

Spectacular carving!

Was super excited to get this dragon for my collection. It's so well carved and unique

Amazonite Dragon

I am very pleased with this purchase. My Dragon is gorgeous. I will treasure it always