Angel Aura Quartz Tower Obelisk

Metaphysical properties of Angel Aura Quartz

Angel aura quartz is an ethereal gemstone that resonates with a surprising rate of celestial energy. If you want to heighten the connection and power of the Astral Realm within your life angel aura quartz empowers your Astral body. This gemstone opens your crown chakra and aligns can provide you visions and blessings from within the Universe. You should place this gemstone by your bedside if you wish to astral travel safely through the night or if you want to have a shower of positive energy surround you. This gemstone reveals to you the celestial divinity within you and opens the channels of communication between you and immortals.

You will receive one tower in the size of your choice:

Mini: approximately 1" - 1.25" tall

Small: approximately 1.5" - 2" tall

Medium: approximately 2" - 2.5" tall

Large: approximately 2.75" - 3.25" tall

Every Tower is unique, and beautiful.

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Customer Reviews

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Aura Quartz Cluster - Pink

I love this and would give it 5 stars except that one of the points broke off somewhere before it got to me.


Beautiful and powerful

Angel Aura tower

Gorgeous. I love this Angel Aura, I've never seen one this beautiful. It sits on my desk I admire it everyday.