Angel Phantom Quartz - Amphibole - Multiple Sizes

Metaphysical properties of Angel Phantom Quartz

The Guardian Angels of Rock

The metaphysical properties of Angel Phantom Quartz (also known as Amphibole) are quite alive; it is a powerful stone which aligns you with the Angelic forces of the Universe. Through work with this stone you can become more greatly in tune with your Guardian Angels and be more acutely aware of the presence of spirit guides and ancestors. This stone will open your Crown Chakra and Third Eye and open your ability to Channel and work with ethereal entities, spirits and energies.

 You will receive one specimen in the size that you choose. These are natural specimens and may not have a point:

  • Mini Shard ( These specimens vary in size and do not have points. ) 
  • Small ( .5 - 1" )
  • Medium ( 1" - 2" )
  • Large ( 2" - 3" )
  • Jumbo ( 3" - 4" )

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Great experience!

The gift was perfect and well received. This shop was excellent and personable making my online purchase professional and charming. Thank you!

Stephanie Miller
As always… Beautiful crystals

I have ordered from the Crystal Gemstone Shop in the past and will order from them again … soon!! The crystals are always beautiful, easy to buy, and quick to ship!!!