Aragonite Gemstone Cluster - Multiple Sizes

Metaphysical Properties, Cleansing Power and Aragonite Meaning

Stone to Flush the Chakra System

Aragonite is a highly resonating stone that holds a lot of vibrations to the Earth's core energies. It is a gemstone that brings peace, patience and stabilization during times of stress or chaos. Because Aragonite resonates with the Root & Crown Chakras it allows for you to flush your entire Chakra system with motivational energies that can clear blockages and provide a cleansing rejuvenation. If you meditate with Aragonite it will open your mind to learning along with memory retention and memory recall. Aragonite is the perfect stone to work with when you need to decompress and release negative energy, bad thoughts and grudges. The stone promotes self-awareness, confidence, concentration and making wise choices. If you feel like you've hit a road block in your life Aragonite will help you to open new doors and find new purpose.

Aragonite is a light brown gemstone that has a peach or tan color.

You will receive one cluster of your choice of size (approximate):

Small: 1." x 1"
Medium: 1.25" x 1.25"
Large: 1.5" x 1.5"

These specimens were mined in Sefrou, Morocco.

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Customer Reviews

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Love love love!

I loved this stone. The natural shape of this cluster is so beautiful and the color is just stunning. It's so much more beautiful than the photo

Anna Stockton

I really felt so drawn to this stone as soon as I saw it on the website and I was not disappointed! It came fast and it’s beautiful and radiates a gorgeous energy!

Love this crystal

Beautiful crystal, great energy.

Beautiful Crystal

The crystal is great and I’m very happy

Erin Berube
Nice stone

Very nice stone, bigger than expected. They were wrapped very well for shipment