Astrophyllite Tumbled Polished Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties of Astrophyllite

Grecian Beauty of Soulmate Connection

Astrophyllite is a stunning gemstone with flashes of brilliance that come through the tumbled stone. The name of the gemstone means "star leaf" in Greek. This gemstone is a source of great comfort and grounding when it comes to your bond with the Universe. There is a celestial rhythm that comes through this gemstone with ethereal potency and power. The more you work with this gemstone the more riveting and beholden you become to its magnificent influence for your Astral power and awareness. The stone facilitates a deep connection between you and your soulmate. When you keep the gemstone in your home it encourages a lasting connection of fidelity and honesty between you and your lover. The variety of energies connected with this gemstone truly makes it seem like a gift of the heavens.


You will receive one stone between 0.85"-1.25" on the longest side.


Other information
Astrophyllite has an iron, fluorine, hydrogen, potassium, salt, oxygen, silicon, and titanium chemical makeup. It is mostly found in Norway.

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Abimbola Coker

Beautiful stones

Jennifer Maupin
The Best Online Gemstone Shop Ever

I was absolutely blown away by the personal touch that this company took with the delivery of my gemstones. Each crystal is individually boxed and tissue wrapped. On top of that because I requested it they inserted full size pieces of paper with the description of the gemstone and what its use was for. I literally could have given each gemstone as a gift to a friend and it would have been pre-wrapped for delivery the way that these were delivered. on top of that most importantly the stones were absolutely stunningly beautiful and perfectly sized. I have now been shopping for crystals and gemstones for the past 6 months and have dealt with a few different shops that have been very impressive as well but none so much as this particular shop. from now on I can't imagine shopping anywhere else unless for some reason there's a stone that I need that they don't have in stock or don't sell. the added touch was the two free gemstones that they gave me with my large purchase order but even without those I would have been thoroughly impressed with the delivery and the stones.


Beautiful little stone with lovely flashes! I loved getting them all in separate boxes identifying what's what (although it's not always difficult, depending on what you're getting), along with the metaphysical properties. It certainly adds a nice touch!

Lots of colorful flash to this gemstone, and wonderful energy

Lots of colorful flash to this gemstone, and wonderful energy

Beautiful stone.

Beautiful stone......feels good in my hand! Thanks for my extra treat and I love that you send information on qualities of each stone.