Azurite Blueberries Gemstone Mini Spheres by the Bag

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Azurite Gemstone

Stone for Psychic Power

Azurite is a gorgeous blue-green gemstone that strengthens your psychic power and energies. It can merge you with incredible psychic visions and realizations which can come through telepathy, dreams and meditation. Azurite is fantastic for those who meditate or practice Yoga because you have your intuitive and psychic senses stimulated and become open to prophetic power. In ancient times Azurite was used for healing practices and was worked with alongside copper for deeper healing. Azurite promotes a healthy flow of energy and keeps your supernatural awareness open.

Azurite can be blue and green or solid blue; depending on the source. The blue is always vibrant and rich in depth of blue. 

You will receive one bag of stones, approximately 9 grams.  There are an average of 8-10 stones in each package.  The spheres range from 4mm-10mm in size, and are not all the same. As these are made of a natural material, size and shape will vary, with some pieces not being perfect spheres. 

These were mined in LaSal, Utah.

Other information

Azurite, chemically, has copper, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. It is found in many locations all over the world. Malachite, too, has a copper, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen makeup. Found in Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Africa, Malachite and Azurite are both related to copper.


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Very beautiful stones

I loved the stones I received. they were packaged well as usual, my only complaint is i didn't get enough :)

I really love ordering products from this company!!!

Mary Ann Segars

Azurite Blueberries Gemstone Mini Spheres by the Bag

Londa Lee
So Pleased :)

I was a little skeptical because it was my first time ordering from Crystal Gemstone Shop, but I will definitely be ordering more! Great packaging, I got exactly what I expected! I love my little Azurite Blueberries!

Sydney Mullett
Lovely surprise gem!

I love my bloodstone!

Jori Hickey

I received these as a Christmas present from my husband. They are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! Exactly what I wanted!