Azurite Natural Raw Rough Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning, and Uses of Azurite Gemstone

Stone for Psychic Power

Azurite is a gorgeous blue-green gemstone that strengthens your psychic power and energies. It can merge you with incredible psychic visions and realizations which can come through telepathy, dreams, and meditation. Azurite is fantastic for those who meditate or practice Yoga because you have your intuitive and psychic senses stimulated and become open to prophetic power. In ancient times Azurite was used for healing practices and was worked with alongside copper for deeper healing. Azurite promotes a healthy flow of energy and keeps your supernatural awareness open.

Azurite can be blue and green or solid blue; depending on the source. The blue is always vibrant and rich in depth of blue.

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning, and Uses of Malachite Gemstone

Malachite is a gorgeous stone of emerald green color. In fine specimens, it can have swirls of various shades of green in a mesmerizing pattern. Malachite is hailed as a stone for true transformation. It will assist you through life changes and help you to make the right decisions for your future. You will find yourself being consistently motivated to become a greater person with the Malachite gemstone. It creates within you true voice of hope and self-expression. You should wear or work with malachite when you have to speak in public for greater confidence and focus. This gemstone is a healing force of nature which draws negative energies away from the mind and burns it away through positive energy.

Malachite is a beautiful green gemstone that can present with bands or ripples of various shades of green. Malachite can be rich and deep with emerald, forest and sage greens that make a shimmering pool of reflective green hues. It is a surprisingly exotic gemstone.

You will receive one stone of your choice of size: 

Mini: 1.1"-1.9"

Small: 2" - 2.9"

Medium: 3.1"- 3.9"

Large: 4"-4.9"

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Absolutely gorgeous, you won’t be disappointed.

T'Anna Gamble
It's gorgeous

I have yet to use my azurite, but I was so pleased when I opened the box. It is so beautiful!!!

Sandy Huber

I couldn't be happier!

Jimmy Long
Mighty Azurite

Just a fantastic piece of Azurite sent. Like I picked it out myself. Now set up on display. Will order again. Thanks!

Mary Sutter

Beautifully hand picked Azurite Stone. Thank you, ,my niece will love it. Well packaged, came on time and they always give you a free gift.