Azurite Natural Raw Rough Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Azurite Gemstone

Stone for Psychic Power

Azurite is a gorgeous blue-green gemstone that strengthens your psychic power and energies. It can merge you with incredible psychic visions and realizations which can come through telepathy, dreams and meditation. Azurite is fantastic for those who meditate or practice Yoga because you have your intuitive and psychic senses stimulated and become open to prophetic power. In ancient times Azurite was used for healing practices and was worked with alongside copper for deeper healing. Azurite promotes a healthy flow of energy and keeps your supernatural awareness open.

Azurite can be blue and green or solid blue; depending on the source. The blue is always vibrant and rich in depth.  Some specimens may feature mica in the quartz deposit.

These specimens may, or may not, feature malachite.

Small: 1.5"-1.75"

Medium: 2"-2.5"

Large: 2.75"-3.25"

Jumbo: 3.3" - 4.5"

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Anna Pratt

Azurite Natural Raw Rough Gemstone

Kim Rodgers

I loved everything about this company. They have wonderful selections and the stone I ordered was amazing. Great quality

Travis Crandall

Azurite Natural Raw Rough Gemstone


Every stone I ordered was beautiful and packaged just as beautifully and it was received in a timely manner even with everything going on in the world right now.

Patricia. S Kennedy

I went alil crazy ordering quite a few gemstones from here and I can't even tell you which one I love the most bc they are so beautiful. Each one was individually boxed with the names written on each one, which was very helpful on this end & probably gave someone writers cramp by the end of packing my order. It didnt take long to get here at all. And it was very nice of you to throw in a couple more as free gifts that I didnt have. Thank you for everything. You made the whole experience from the time I placed the order to having them in my hand very pleasant.