Black Moonstone Tumbled Palm Stone Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Black Moonstone Gemstone

Stone of Mystery and Secrets

Black Moonstone speaks to our inner mysteries and secrets. It is a gemstone that channels lunar energy and surrounds us with the shadow of celestial light. It is a great gemstone for illusion work and for casting a mysterious aura. It is a stone for protecting lovers in secret, for helping you keep secrets from others, and for not sharing secrets entrusted to you. As a lunar light gemstone it speaks to your lunar connections and helps you work with the power of the Moon.

Black Moonstone is a dark grey or black stone with the tell-tale Moonstone shimmer.

You will receive 1 palm stone, Approximately 2" - 3" on the longest side. 

Other Information
Moonstone is a kind of microcline, but this type is iridescent. Aluminum, potassium, oxygen, and silicon would not be uncommon for moonstone to have in its chemical makeup.

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laura greene
Moonstone and Apatite

Received timely. packed extremely well. Crystals are as described. very happy with my purchase. will purchase from the Crystal Gemstone Shop in the future.

First time purchase

I absolutely love all my stones. Excellent customer service. 💜