Bloodstone Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Bloodstone Gemstone

Stone for Extreme Focus & Amplification of Life Force

Bloodstone is a stone of purity and true power. Bloodstone brings you confidence, creativity, passion, and wisdom. Through work with this stone you can reconnect to the purity and divinity which resides within your soul. This stone empowers you to move forward in your life and leave nothing behind. As a gemstone of history it was previously known as Heliotrope (to attract Sun) as a stone that could absorb the power of the Sun and provide great healing and rejuvenating pwoer. It was also known as a stone connected to the crucifixion of Christ; the gemstone capturing the blood that fell from his death on the cross. In all cases the Bloodstone gemstone is a highly energetic, spiritual, and mystic stone of wondrous spiritual power.


There are 5 different styles of Bloodstone that we have available. The Sizes are approximate and can be slightly smaller or larger.
As Pictured: (A grayish - green color with red spots), ranging in size from .75" - 1.25".
Unique: (Can contain more pink, purple and yellow in addition to red and green), ranging in size from .75" - 1.25".
Mostly Red: (Mostly red with hints of green and other colors), ranging in size from .75" - 1.25".
Mostly Green - Small: (Mostly green with hints of red and other colors), ranging in size from .5" - 1".
Mostly Green - Large: (Mostly green with hints of red and other colors), ranging in size from .1" - 1.5".

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So so happy with my bloodstone gemstone. Beautiful. Crystal Gemstone Shop is the best. Thank you.