Blue Aragonite Raw Rough B-Grade Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Blue Aragonite Gemstone

Stone for Increasing the Power of Magic

Blue Aragonite is an enchanting stone that amplifies the power of magic and magical talismans. When you work with Blue Aragonite alongside your ritual, ceremony, or spell work it will strengthen the magic you cast. Blue Aragonite can also balance magic around you and dispel negative energy from within your magical amulets. This gemstone can also dispel anxiety, fear, stress, and negative emotions that keep you from achieving success in your life. The stone is wonderful to work with if you want to elevate you creative mind while keeping thoughts of failure or rejection at bay so you can truly shine.

Blue Aragonite is robin's egg blue and sometimes has white flecks or sparkle to the gemstone. Aragonite is a stone that is often stained by the impurities found in nature around it during formation, and can appear in many colors.  This is why you often have veins or pockets of color in the stone and not always a blanketed color.

You will receive one B-grade stone between 1" - 1.75" on the longest side.

 Other Information

Aragonite is host to a carbon, calcium, and oxygen based chemical composition. Aragonite is minded frequently in Europe.

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Customer Reviews

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dalton joyner

my girlfriend loves the gems and crystals i got her.

Deborah Chambers
Large blue aragonite, excellent price

I am very pleased with my purchase. The size, price and quality are all beyond my expectations!

Julie Shook
These are great quality beautiful stones, thank you.

These are great quality beautiful stones, thank you.