Blue Goldstone Polished 45mm Flat Gemstone Heart

Metaphysical Properties of Blue Goldstone

Stone for Inspiration & Creativity

Blue Goldstone attracts the heart's desires and repels the negativity of others. This stone helps you discover the deepest corners of your heart and will help you discover opportunities through your life. Blue Goldstone is a livley and active stone that brings you encouragement of your natural talents & will help you become more expressive. This gemstone is popular with entertainers as it strengthens your natural creativit and helps your inner beauty shine.

Blue Goldstone is a purple-blue stone that has a glittery appearance.

The heart shape is timeless and reflects the happiness, joy, patience, and love that dwells within each of us. Working with the heart shape opens your mind, spirit and body to feeling and knowing what your heart wants. The heart shape is perfect for meditation where you want to identify with what your heart is trying to tell you, and how you process love at every stage in your life. The heart shape makes us feel happy, adored, at peace within ourselves, and that we are not alone.

You will receive one heart; approximately 45mm.

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Customer Reviews

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Joey Zehala
Beautiful Blue Goldstones

I was so pleased when I opened the box of two blue goldstone hearts from the Crystal Gemstone Shop. They are large, dark purple-blue stones that each have a beautiful glitter, a perfect heart shape, and a high gloss finish. I love them!

Cathy L Thornley Baker
Blue goldstone flat heart

I am very happy with this gem stone. It is so beautiful