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Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Blue Opal

Stone of Divine Honor

Blue Opal is a stone that soothes the heart, mind and soul; providing divine connection with the sensitivities of our spirituality.  Blue Opal is a stone of lively and happy energy, helping to soothe stress during meditation, crystal healing, and keeping focus during Reiki.  This gemstone is a rarity and perfect for using to awaken the unconscious mind and align you with stronger bonds of the creative mind.  Blue Opal has a delightful presence and for those who work with the Water Element, it helps you in cleansing and restorative work.  Blue Opal encourages positive interaction, honorable choices, and creating a better environment around you.

You will receive one gemstone approximately 1.25" long by 1" wide, with a thumbprint indentation at the center.

Other Information
Blue Opal is a type of opal, the source of why it is blue may be from minerals. Opal's common locations are in Australia, the United States, and in Europe.

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