Blue Topaz Tumbled Polished Gemstone


Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Blue Topaz

Stone of Your Conscious Power

Blue Topaz penetrates your conscious and subconscious minds making it a cerebral stone of great power. It will help you to see your life's goals and determine the right path for your life. It will activate and stimulate your Third Eye allowing for powerful visions and dreams to come through to you all the time. During periods of stress or anxiety in your life blue topaz can bring a calming and restorative effect on you. It is a highly-resonating gemstone on a spiritual level so whether you are a devout spiritualist or you feel lost spiritually it will guide you back to the path you are meant to be on in life. Blue topaz serves those who work with magick well as it will give you spontaneous and creative ideas while also keeping your overall goals on task. For those who work with psychic endeavors blue topaz is a natural stimulant for your psychic energies allowing for intuitive premonitions, lucid dreaming, day visions and psychic experiences.


You will receive 1 tumbled stone approximately 0.5"-1"


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Angie H

Beautiful stone & arrived very quickly, including paperwork with great descriptions. Love your store!!

Tracii Aiken
Blue Topaz

I've fallin in love with your establishment. I'm about to order for my other granddaughters.

Margarita Silva-Barber

Blue Topaz Tumbled Gemstone