Cat's Eye Rainbow Tumbled Polished - 3 Stones

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Cat's Eye

Stone for Celestial Balance

Cat's Eye is a lively stone that encourages balance in your life and gives you to pursue goals. It is a stone used in meditation for accessing the ancient bonds you share with the supernatural. Working with this gemstone is for awakening the primal energy from within. Cat's Eye is a lunar gemstone which strengthens your celestial bonds.

Cat's Eye is known as Chatoyancy (French for cat's eye) and cymophane. When turned in the light the stone looks like a cat's eye.

You will receive 3 stones, approximately 0.5"-1".  These are man-made, we do offer natural cat's eye in the shop too.  You will receive 3 stones of random color.

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Beautiful Crystals

Everything I’ve ordered from Crystal Gemstone Shop not only arrives quickly but is very beautiful. I’ll definitely continue ordering from them.

So beautiful - it came exactly as pictured and it was in a...

So beautiful - it came exactly as pictured and it was in a cute labeled box - I love this seller!! I will buy all my crystals from them!