Cat's Eye Rainbow Tumbled Polished Egg - Stone of Pursuing Goals! - Many Colors!

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye is a lively stone that encourages balance in your life and gives you to pursue goals. It is a stone used in meditation for accessing the ancient bonds you share with the supernatural. Working with this gemstone is for awakening the primal energy from within. Cat's Eye is a lunar gemstone which strengthens your celestial bonds.

Cat's Eye is known as Chatoyancy (French for cat's eye) and cymophane. When turned in the light the stone looks like a cat's eye.  The rainbow cat's eye is man made.

Symbolism of the Egg

Throughout history, the Egg has been a symbol of fertility, nature, birth, rebirth, protection, and even the soul. Eggs remind us that we are all fragile, finite, and precious. The shape of the egg has become a symbol for those wishes and goals we hope to nurture into fruition and for secret desires we wish to protect from outside interference. 

You will receive one egg  in the color of your choice, approximately 25mm from top to bottom. 

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Customer Reviews

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jessica ruslow
Daughter loved it

My daughter requested this for Easter. She loves it

Janice Sandt
Love It!

This stone is so beautiful and such a great color. I absolutely love it.