Chlorite Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning, and Uses of Chlorite

Chlorite helps you get rid of negative energies that linger around you, and is a cleansing stone that brings positive influence and strength for your journey.  Chlorite is a stone that teaches you to appreciate who you are and be open to learning and new experiences with a positive outlook.  Chlorite is an optimistic stone that helps you feel more in tune with the good things in your life, and find joyfulness in your every day life.  This stone provides a continual cleansing and uplifting strength that invigorates and motivates you to go after bigger life goals.

 Every stone is unique, no two are the same! You will receive a stone approximately  1.1"-1.5" in length; on average.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rachel Selima
Like an Enervating Filter

I felt like chlorite gave me strength of resolve. Holding it made me feel like negative vibes were being filtered, and good energies were allowed to nourish me. Love this stone!

Janice Sandt
Beautiful Crystal

All the crystals I buy here are fantastic and this one is great just like the rest.

Iso Novoso
Must have crystal !

addition to the cleansing team and great for collection stone.