Cinnabarite Raw Natural Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Healing Powers and Meaning of Cinnabarite

Stone for Unearthing Divine Powers

Cinnabar is a powerful stone for unearthing the divine powers within you. If you wish to reach higher levels of enlightenment working with Cinnabar can give you the motivation and push you need to advance to a master's level. This gemstone is provoking when it comes to personal power and achievement. Cinnabar is a natural magnet for prosperity and wealth and can attract good fortune in many different ways. This gemstone is great for those who want to start over or have a fresh start in their personal life as it gives you the clarity, purpose and motivation to achieve greater things.

Cinnabar is a pale-green to ivory stone with red inclusions. The inclusions often look like red speckles, red moss, or red splotches. Cinnabar is also known as Cinnabrite. Cinnabrite is also known as Pink Epidote, and is found in White Scapolite.

These specimens may include mercury.

You will receive 1 stone, your choice of size, approximate on the longest side:

Small: 1.1"-1.75"

Medium: 2"-2.5"

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Customer Reviews

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I am very happy with all of the stones and crystals I have received from Crystal Gemstone Shop!

Highly recommend!

I LOVE the Cinnabar crystal stone. It looks just as pictured! Thank you!


My piece of cinnabarite arrived quickly and as described. It is beautiful! I had some questions about proper storage given the small amount of mercury it contains, and got some great advice. Thanks again for taking the time and being awesome!

Outstanding Quality

I am very happy with my order. The specimens have a good amount of cinnabar on a matrix of clean white quartz. The shipping was great with the cinnabar specimens wrapped well against breakage.

Alex Pietroski

Very nice rocks/gems. Very impressed.