Citrine Gemstone Tower

Metaphysical Properties of Citrine

Solar Gemstone of Cleansing Power

Citrine is a gemstone known for its diverse profile in metaphysical powers. It will manifest your heart's desires, it strengthens your resolve and confidence, it gives you the courage & stamina to fulfill your dreams, and it activates the creative mind. It is a solar gemstone which naturally resonates highly to the Sun's energy. It channels the Sun's cleansing and rejuvenating energies providing you a ray of hope during dark hours or giving you a boost of positive energy during times when you feel lost. It project the Sun's cleansing power deep within; able to clear blockages and voids from the soul, aura and Chakras. It is not an energy-generator but is an energy-channeler; absorbing, filtering and fracturing energy around it in a halo. For this reason it is effective as a cleanser; it can dissolve negative energy it comes into contact with and convert it into positive energy. As a solar gemstone is uses the Sun's cleansing powers to keep itself charged and naturally clean.

You will receive one Citrine tower of your choice of size.  The sizes are approximate and are based on weight due to the quality of the Citrine.

2.5-2.9 ounce Tower: 2.75"-3.25" tall x 1" base

3-3.3 ounce Tower: 2.75"-3.25" tall x 1.1" base

4-4.4 ounce Tower: 2.5"-3.5" tall x 1.1"-1.4" base

5-5.5 ounce Tower: 3.25"-4" tall x 1.25"-1.5" base

6-6.3 ounce Tower: 3.75"-4" tall x 1.25"-1.5" base

7-7.3 ounce Tower: 3.5"-4" tall x 1.25"-1.5" base

8-8.4 ounce Tower: 3.5"-4.25" tall x 1.75"-2" base

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Customer Reviews

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Citrine Gemstone Tower

I am very happy with this tower. It is the perfect size. The carving is great. The coloring is exceptional. I would recommend purchasing one.

Citrine tower

Crystal was smaller than pictured and color not as bright. It was a pretty crystal.


Beautiful piece...

Love it!!

I've been searching for a citrine tower to use in my prosperity grid, but had a challenge finding one. So glad I was able to purchase one from Crystal Gemstone Shop! Thank you so much! I will be back to get some tumbles :)